Fabrication Data

Series Specialization Capability
1 General Fabrication & Welding: Manufacture of Mill Sole Plates, Hoppers, Chutes, Cyclones, Cylindrical and Irregular Shaped Tanks, Conveyor Stringers, Pipe Fabrication of all sizes, Pipe Flanges, Walkways, Staircases, Underground Ladders, Steel Structure Fabrication & Installation, Palisade Fences, etc. => Pyramid Rolling Machine, Capacity of 3,000mm Length (x1) Maximum plate thickness is 16mm Ton Craw Beam Complete With Manual Crawler (1x2) => Ton Chain Blocks (2x5)  => Ton chain blocks (2x2) => Ton chain blocks (2x1) => Ton Webbing Slings (4x5) => Ton Webbing Slings (4x3) => Ton Webbing Slings (2x2)  => Irregular shapes gas profile cutter (x1)
2 General machining: Manufacture of shafts for various equipment. E.g. Pumps, Agitators, Gearboxes, Motors, Conveyor Pulleys, Ball Mills etc. Also Pins Couplings, Coupling Bolts, Bushes, Holding Down Bolts => Lathe Machines Ranging From 1 to 2.5m Beds & Maximum Swing of 800 (x 2) => Milling Machine (x1) => Gear Shaper, Capacity - 450 Stroke (x2) => Power Saw , Max Cutting Diameter - 300mm => Pedestal Drilling Machine (x1) => Welding Stations @ 380V (x6) => Welding Stations @ 220V (x4) => Pillar Grinder (x1) => Angle Grinders (x10) => Circular Grinder (x1)
3 General mechanical repairs / maintenance : Rehabilitation of both Rod and Ball Mills, Changing worn Mill Liners, Repair of Loader Buckets, bearing Pedestals, Mobile concrete Mixer Vessels => Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Sets (x4) => Numerous Hand Tools
4 Other Mechanical Works : Laying of Pipelines as per Specified Design, Demolition of Steel Structures => Folk Lifts (x2) => Ton Hydraulic Mobile Trolleys (2x5) => Gensets (2x550V)